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June 24, 2013

Do you like Philip K. Dick or William Gibson? Ken Mazur does, and it’s these authors of our dystopian future that inspired this book. I tend to grade new authors on a curve, but in this case it’s not really necessary. Mazur’s debut novel doesn’t break any new ground in this genre, but it does reintroduce an element of fun that’s often not found in the dystopian works. What he’s done is essentially transplant the classic gumshoe detective (think Sam Spade) into this future and put him up against a Lex Luthor styled villain. What separates this from the herd is his writing style, which as I said before, is just fun. He clearly enjoyed writing it, and that translates to the read. The result is a fast-paced tale that’ll be finished before you know it. Want more? Mazur says he’s already working on a sequel, which I’m looking forward to.

November 15, 2013

Zxap jackets come in many different styles and models – tailored to the audience, from the young street-wise kids covered with graffiti to the sophisticated models for the rich with heating, communication, shoulder lights and even full entertainment packages.
NYPD officer Joe Zinski has an intense dislike of anything Zxap related, from the jackets to the company owner Maxwell and his Empire. Joe knows that the Jackets and their manufacturers are responsible for his partners untimely demise, killed in shootout with a Zxap Jacket wearing gang called ODDS and he’s determined not to let this death go unpunished.
Zxap Jacket is written by Ken Mazur, someone who is something of a legend in the music scene. He’s worked on over 50 albums with artists including Robert Palmer, Tina Turner, the O Jays and Kid Creole. His talents can also be heard on music for TV shows such as “Behind the Music”, “Biker Build Off” and currently “Travelscope”.
As you can imagine this experience provides a unique voice when putting pen to paper – there is a powerful energy about the prose, a lively and positive vibe. This is combined with a dystopian, hardboiled gumshoe detective style with hints of cyberpunk that works well with the offbeat humour and dynamic story. The overall feel is something quite special and is perfectly suited to the acid rain soaked streets of future New York.
I loved the post-human edge, the imaginative use of technology proves very effective and draws the reader in while the fast pace manages to keep attention from waning. There are loads of ideas packed within the book, almost a few too many – most of them work pretty well however.
Zxap Jacket is an accomplished story, it’s got bags of energy, a twisting plot and a rich imagined future – overall a great book that hits all the right notes.

Craig rated it 4 of 5 stars Good Reads

The Zxap Jacket is a strong debut novel that crosses genres to confound expectations. Mazur is at his strongest when he’s describing dystopian New York inhabited by Detective Zinski. Short phrases (acid snow and armored fedora, being two of my favorite) are interspersed throughout to weave an immersive, and disturbingly believable, future world. The writing and the plot will be appealing to fans of Dashiell Hammett, William Gibson, and Don Winslow. Its a futuristic novel with a strong action flavor – highly recommended!

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