The Authors Show Interview

I just finished an interview on The Authors Show: with host, Don McCauley.
It was fascinating. We delved into the essence of The Zxap Jacket, my feelings about it’s message, the locations and the origins of the characters. Our discussion helped me to pinpoint some of my less obvious influences. As a sci fi fan and now a novelist, the impact of Isaac Asimov, Phillip K Dick, William Gibson, Frank Herbert and the like is to be expected, but it is perhaps less obvious that an author like Michael Shaara could impact my writing. As a composer, my scores often take a POV, whether to shadow a character, play the action, create general tension or sweeten the mood. In all these circumstances, the music is “viewing” the picture from a specific
perspective, often that of a character–or the audience. In the Zxap Jacket, my experiences scoring behind the picture impacted my
decisions concerning POVs. I chose to follow multiple points of view–Detective Zinski, Max Zxap, his scientist DR Clofsted and Zinski’s girl friend. Although the major thread follows Zinski, I deleiberately turned the ‘camera’ and the ‘score’ on the others at times. Reality is relative. One man’s challenge is another’s opportunity.

As for the interview, keep tabs on the site. They will post the air date after the editors trim a bit and add the bumpers. I will
post it here for sure and on facebook and twitter.

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