The Zxap Jacket

When gumshoe New York City detective Joe Zinski hunts his partner’s killers, he finds his 2047 acid rain world has more dangers than even a top of the line, rain neutralizing Mark IV Zxap Jacket can fend off. As gangs gather in the Toxic Box across the Hudson, Zinski follows his one piece of evidence, an orange Mark IV decorated in ODDS gang graffiti. The trail drags him north into the acid snow, into the complex and dangerous world of mega industrialist Maxwell Zxap and his artificial intelligence empire. Supremely powerful and ambitious, not even Zxap is prepared for the  horrific revelation awaiting an unsuspecting world.

The first in a series of sci fi novels by Ken Mazur featuring NYPD Detective, Joe Zinski, The Zxap Jacket reveals a future world of new challenges and brave discoveries.

The Zxap Jacket is now available at in paperback and as a Kindle Book.  for the Kindle download.  for the paperback.

Coming soon: Detective Joe Zinski returns in  Psiclone.