About the Sequel

As a busy composer, it is often difficult to find the time to work on my books, blog here or even play my guitar for pleasure. Sometimes one needs a kick start to get moving again or force the issue and make the time. My first legit review of The Zxap Jacket has just given me a firm shove in a good direction. Troy Rodgers from SIFIfx.com has posted the first review of the book and I was humbled and stunned by his comments.

Read from May 29 to June 17, 2013

Do you like Philip K. Dick or William Gibson? Ken Mazur does, and it’s these authors of our dystopian future that inspired this book. I tend to grade new authors on a curve, but in this case it’s not really necessary. Mazur’s debut novel doesn’t break any new ground in this genre, but it does reintroduce an element of fun that’s often not found in the dystopian works. What he’s done is essentially transplant the classic gumshoe detective (think Sam Spade) into this future and put him up against a Lex Luthor styled villain. What separates this from the herd is his writing style, which as I said before, is just fun. He clearly enjoyed writing it, and that translates to the read. The result is a fast-paced tale that’ll be finished before you know it. Want more? Mazur says he’s already working on a sequel, which I’m looking forward to.

Thank you Troy for this endorsement and for driving me back to chapter 7 of Psiclone, which has languished for some time now. I am excited to get back to writing and hope I can find a wider audience that will also enjoy and look forward to my work.

For those of you who follow my composing career, I am now also scoring a PBS show called Rhythm Abroad, which will debut in January of 2014. I am still hard at work with Travelscope and recently completed a really fine episode about Bhutan.

A Comparison

May 28, 2013
I was recently asked what book I think The Zxap Jacket most closely resembles and I had a hard time finding an answer. More so than the book, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” The Zxap Jacket resembles the movie Blade Runner in some ways. It is hard to be clear about this sort of thing because getting distance from one’s own work takes time and experience. As in Dick’s work, my Detective Zinski is a cop who finds himself dealing with a seedier side of civilization, a cop with some ethical dilemmas and personal issues. Detective Zinski has seen a lot in his years as a detective. He carries a personal grudge that threatens to obscure his objectivity and to damage his credibility and his effectiveness. He is also in a direct conflict with intelligent entities, like the replicants in Dick’s work, who’s agendas are both unknown and potentially devastating. There is also a corporate element that plays a role in both books, although that role is vastly different.

Stylistically, I will say that I try to keep my prose direct and spare. The motivations of the characters are what I find most interesting to deal with. This becomes especially fascinating for me where AIs interact with human beings as they are throughout The Zxap Jacket. Of course the actions of the human players concern me as well. It is in the re writes that I found myself pulling out the fat and keeping to the essence of each scene and relationship. My success in this endeavor will be judged by the response to the book itself. I am most curious to find out and look forward to reactions from readers.

The Zxap Jacket

When gumshoe New York City detective Joe Zinski hunts his partner’s killers, he finds his 2047 acid rain world has more dangers than even a top of the line, rain neutralizing Mark IV Zxap Jacket can fend off. As gangs gather in the Toxic Box across the Hudson, Zinski follows his one piece of evidence, an orange Mark IV decorated in ODDS gang graffiti. The trail drags him north into the acid snow, into the complex and dangerous world of mega industrialist Maxwell Zxap and his artificial intelligence empire. Supremely powerful and ambitious, not even Zxap is prepared for the  horrific revelation awaiting an unsuspecting world.

The first in a series of sci fi novels by Ken Mazur featuring NYPD Detective, Joe Zinski, The Zxap Jacket reveals a future world of new challenges and brave discoveries.

The Zxap Jacket is now available at Amazon.com in paperback and as a Kindle Book.

www.amazon.com  for the Kindle download.

www.createspace.com/4165307  for the paperback.

Coming soon: Detective Joe Zinski returns in  Psiclone.